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    You are a digital entrepreneur, your monthly revenues are growing fast and
    you want to raise money?

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  • How it works


    The Deck

    We receive 300 pitch decks per month.


    We read them and we set up phone calls with 50 founders per month.




    The Roadshow

    We select 5 to 10 deals of which we send the pitch decks to our community of Angel Investors, Family Offices and early stage VCs.


    You make calls & meetings with the potential investors.


    The Deal

    You receive one or several investment offers (Term Sheets).


    We can connect you to lawyers and partners to close your deal.


  • Some figures

    Our "Super Capital" investors have invested in


    WIDEWALLS (London, UK & Belgrade, Serbia)

    ON TRAIN (Paris, France)
    TRADEIN (Paris & Lille, France)
    SOUNDBIRTH (Marseille, France)

    ABYSSALE (Paris, France)

    LA BRIGADE DE VERO (Montpellier, France)

    DOOD (Lyon, France)

    L'ALCHIMISTE (Paris, France)

    VISUARY (Paris, France)

    58 FACETTES (Paris), France

    KNAP (Nice, France)

    EQUISAFE (Paris, France)

    SUSU (Lyon, France)
    SKEAT (Paris, France)

    MOVIDO (Londres, UK)

    RECURSEEVE (Tours, France)

    GOVERNANCE (Luxemburg, Luxemburg)
    ELIOSOR (Paris, France)

    XKEY (Paris, France)

    SHOESIZE.ME (Olten, Switzerland)

    IMOP (Paris, France)

    L'ALCHIMISTE (Paris, France)

    LES NOUVELLES FERMES (Bordeaux, France)

    EPISTO (Paris, France)

    HOKUS (Barcelona, Spain)




    CHOSEN (Paris, France)

    DEEPLIFE (Paris, France)

    LA NAVETTE (Paris, France)
    GREEN GOT (Paris, France)
    FAVIKON (Paris, France)

    IMPAK (Montreal, Canada)
    PSY N YOU (Paris, France)
    WINITED (Brest, France)

    LULUBUY (Luxemburg)
    APTIV.IO (New York, USA)
    KEEZE (Paris, France)
    BROTHERS LOVING BEER (Paris & Lyon, France)
    DIGIT'OWL (Paris, France)
    BET ON YOU (Paris, France)
    DE BON GOUT (Paris, France)

    CORNER (Bordeaux, France)
    PETTY WELL (Paris)

    YMONEY (Paris, France)
    FINKEY (Paris & Lyon, France)

    TOTEM (Paris, France)

    NOO PARIS (Paris, France)

    ICREO (RadioKing & Ausha) (Tourcoing, France)



    KOMBO (Paris, France)

    POISCAILLE (Paris & Bordeaux, France)

    C MON JARDINIER (Paris, France)

    LEGALVISION (Bordeaux, France)



    EN VOITURE SIMONE (Paris, France)


    We send the best early stage opportunities to our private investors:
    Angel investors,
    Family Offices,
    Early stage VCs...

    Our rates


    Success fee only
    5% commission on the capital we find

    Go between only
    No hidden costs, no retainer, no exclusivity

    We invest only in companies with:


    1. A strong and proven business model (or pre-seed for exceptional teams)

    2. Strong Monthly growth

    3. Validated Key metrics
    4. All industries (except BioTech) :
    - Digital : Marketplaces, SaaS software, e-commerce DNVB, services, mobile apps ..
    - Retail
    - Services



  • Who are we

    Every member of the team has created at least one company and
    has worked in the financial industry.

    Founder & CEO

    Corentin founded and co-founded several digital companies (Brunch & co, Splendid Stay, Soon Soon Soon...) and he has helped dozens of entrepreneurs in their strategy and fund raising (En Voiture Simone, Poiscaille, CMonJardinier, LegalVision, Probance, Soon Soon Soon, Cocolis, Plume, L'Atelier Genevieve...)


    He has been a lecturer at Neoma, Creactifs, Skema, G4, HEC Lausanne, Edhec...


    He is an active member of Reseau Entreprendre.


    Corentin's Linkedin >>


    Samuel is a student in a triple European master's program at emlyon business school, LMU Munich and Lancaster University, where he mainly studies corporate finance.

    In parallel to his bachelor's degree in Management at La Sorbonne University, he worked for a year in a startup, evolving from marketing to business development, as well as assisting the CEO during his fundraising.

    Samuel’s LinkedIn >>

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    Do not hesitate to send us an email with your questions!

    We can say quickly if you can raise funds, how much and if we can help you.

  • "Your must raise money when you do not need it. If you need it, you will not find it, it will be too late".


    Jack Ma, AliBaba

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